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Our Story

Welcome to Hannah & Henry!

  We are on a mission to make parenthood stylish!

We love creating beautifully designed and super functional products for the whole family, our products will see you through every stage of parenthood.

 Our bags & accessories are simple, stylish and practical. Whether you are at the gym, park or work, you'll find one that suits your needs. 


Hi, I’m Elaine Ellis and welcome to Hannah & Henry Apparel. This is a Brand created by my husband Robert & I for busy parents. We're parents of two children named (can you guess?) Hannah & Henry. I had Henry nearly 7 years ago and Hannah only arrived last year.


Originally from Dublin, Ireland and nearly 10 years ago we embarked on a huge adventure together… We moved to the other side of the world, we left behind our family, our friends, our home and started a new life in Perth. Since arriving we haven't looked back! We've met some very special friends, built our own home and welcomed our two wonderful children into the world. 

The story behind the Brand

We're entrepreneurs at heart, Hannah & Henry Apparel is the second successful business we have set up since the birth of our babies. Six years ago we created a furniture & interiors brand that was the largest & most successful of its kind in Australia!

BUT, we spotted a gap in the market... And in the months leading up to Hannah’s birth I was desperately searching for a stylish Nappy Bag! Having found it impossible to find a Stylish & Functional Diaper Bag that Robert wouldn't mind carrying I thought why not design one?!? So that’s what we did.

Since then we have designed and created so many more Diaper Bags & Everyday Bags for the whole family.

Now available around the world our bags come in lots of colours and styles perfect for busy Mums & Dads on the go. If you’re like us then you’ll be juggling social engagements, work, babies & toddlers... (and soon moving to the other side of the globe!) so we’ve created a brand dedicated to functionality, style & affordability, I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you... 

The Hannah & Henry Family xxx.

 Hannah & Henry Apparel Limited, ABN 43751779367



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